7 – 1 – 2018

Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

Here is the deal: I will be posting the first Sunday of every month. The purpose of this is to recap the previous month and to share with you my experiences with embroidery/art and my personal endeavors. Feel free to follow along. If you don’t find me particularly interesting then that is okay, thank you for at least making it this far.

Today is July 1st (officially my birthday month !!!!). Exactly a month ago on the 1st of June, I returned to my humbled abode in central Phoenix after spending three months in Flagstaff, Arizona doing a fieldwork rotation at Flagstaff Medical Center in the Children’s Health Center. It was a life changing experience getting to work with all of these children despite all of the mucus they produced and the number of times I ended up getting sick. I thoroughly enjoyed my time back in Flagstaff, getting to spend time with close friends and getting to finish some Flag inspired embroidery hoops.

The inspo for the Motel DuBeau embroidery I finished back in December

Okay so, I have never had “baby fever” before, but I have heard much about it. Apparently when you have baby fever it seems as though there is an infant everywhere you look and you feel as though it is the universe telling you to HAVE A BABY. Hey you momma’s out there, is this accurate? I’d hate to have false info in my blog.

Stitching in my front yard in Flagstaff

Anyways, so I guess the same thing can happen when you have “dog fever” and while staying in Flagstaff, the universe was clearly telling me to ADOPT A DOG. I met so many sweet pups and I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I went to the shelter once I got back to Phoenix and found a sweet, very scared, girl named Huffle Puff (now named Johnnie Mae). She was found on the streets in Phoenix and was brought in and treated for Parvo. In the last three weeks that I’ve had her she has blossomed tremendously and is developing a personality… she’s quite the sass queen if you’d ask me. She is a huge sweetheart though, and I’m pretty sure she’s fully housebroken now too so that’s cool.

My cat, whom I have had for a year now is SLOWLY warming up to her. Meaning he acts like a tough guy when she’s around but when I wake up in the middle of the night they are sleeping only inches away from each other in my bed. I feel a nightly cuddle session is in the works.

In mid-June, one of my closest friends and I went on a small road trip to Colorado. Having lived in Arizona my whole life, I’ve tried to visit places that I could potentially find a job after I become certified… such as Portland, Santa Cruz/San Jose area, and now Denver. We stayed a night in a cabin in a small town called Red Cliff (population 267 ppl) and the cabin was owned by an artist and was one of the most eclectic places I have ever stayed. The next day we drove to Denver and it was a treat! I have one complaint regarding the woman who decided to walk up to me and say “have I ever told you…. that I hate your f*cking guts?”. It was troubling but I have to respect her feelings I suppose. Other than that particular instance, the city welcomed us with open arms, happy experiences, cute dogs, nice weather and great beer.

My plan for July is to finish my collection of Northern AZ themed Embroidery hoops of which will be hung up in my favorite bar in Flagstaff starting on first Friday. I will be focusing on my grad program as we only have 6 weeks before graduating (and a ton to do in those 6 weeks). I will be spending quality time with the wonderful people I’ve met in my program because we realize that as our program comes to an end, it is not likely that we will all always be living in the same city and/or have enough free time to spend with one another once we start our careers. I will continue to work on embroidery projects and most likely be opening up commissions at the end of this month, so stay tuned, you beautiful beings 😉

If you live in the U.S. have a safe 4th of July and don’t leave your pups home alone during the fireworks!

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