8 – 5 – 2018

July was a fast month. A fast, (blistering hot) month. Summers have been hard for me since being back in Phoenix. The heat is gross and sucks all of the motivation out of me.

But I’m doing it!!!! Tomorrow is the start of my last week of school. Then I will soon have my Master’s in Occupational Therapy.

I spent the last month admiring my city and admiring the artwork of others. I also spent that time getting angry at people for the amount of disrespect they show towards others. Not only my neighbors disrespecting the murals in our neighborhood but people disrespecting others in general. I’m telling ya’ll, the heat makes me angry! I’m going to take this 25th year of life (25 as of the 17th :o) to start vocalizing my appreciation for others more and to love everyone and everything I have thoroughly.

My Northern AZ hoops hung in my favorite bar, Hops on Birch in Flagstaff, AZ during the month of July. I raised a couple hundred dollars that will be donated to United Cerebral Palsy. This idea came to me after working in a children’s clinic during my last rotation and noticing how often children get denied for the equipment and services that they need in order to live a functional life. I am so thankful for the kind words I have received about my displayed work.

Hops on Birch in Flagstaff, AZ

Any hoops that were not sold in Flagstaff will be present in my NEW SHOP opening on SEPTEMBER 1ST (I’d open it sooner but I’d honestly like to take a little time to catch my breath). The shop will be on this website and it will have pre-made hoops as well as options for commissions. I don’t produce multiple of the same hoop so selection will be limited, but worth it I promise!!!

Also, continue to look for personal projects of mine! I don’t think I will be letting go of the South Western theme anytime soon. I plan on starting projects involving historic buildings.

Lastly, an update on the animals. Mo is already a grown ass cat who doesn’t have much going on in his life at the moment, however, he is loving life per usual. Johnnie has accompanied me on many adventures this month and its so amazing to watch her blossom. She went from having to be carried to and from the car to happily jumping in every time we go somewhere.

Happy August everyone



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