9 – 2 – 18

Hi welcome to my August post. I have always hated August, maybe because growing up I correlated it with having to go back to school and it also being MISERABLY hot in Phoenix.  I’ve had a lot to celebrate in the last month, however.

I graduated with my Master’s in Occupational Therapy. I only have eleven weeks of a fieldwork rotation and the board exam between me and my career (and a paycheck, finally). I started my fieldwork rotation at St. Joseph’s Hospital in the Barrow’s Neurological Institute treating adults with brain injury, stroke recovery and concussions.

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I’ve been working on a few exciting embroidery projects. My shop is open for business Processed with VSCO with c6 presetwith custom piece options. The shop platform is not ideal, however, it’s a start! I also became a member of Society for Embroidered Work. It is a new society that supports embroidery artists and addresses the lack of embroidered work in the art world. The founders and committee members all have such beautiful work and I’m excited to be apart of it! Visit societyforembroideredwork.com to check it out.

I have been incredibly inspired lately, so my plan for September is to take advantage of that and continue creating pieces that mean a lot to me. My current work in progress is inspired by a book of poems written by my great great grandpa. We discovered that he wrote poems about Arizona. He wrote a poem about his favorite places and things in AZ, which is what I have been doing with my embroidery. So I am in the process of embroidering the cover of his book from 1936.

“I write this book to tell you
Of a State I dearly love;
Of things I see about me —
Mines below, and skies above.
To tell you of its climate,
Of its people kind and true,
The healing, pleasing sunshine
We would gladly share with you.
Experience, my teacher,
Lends the thoughts I pass to you
I boast no special merit,
Neither claim my thoughts are new.
But as you read these verses
May your joys and hope expand,
And you love, more than ever,
This, Our Baby State So Grand.”
-John J. Phillips

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